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Creating your own curriculum, networking when you know nobody, and making what you need to get hired.

A woman draws out flows on paper with coffee off to the right
A woman draws out flows on paper with coffee off to the right
Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

In the previous article that I wrote in this series, I talked about dealing with the massive overwhelm that you experience as you delve into any new subject; which was something I was struggling with early on when I decided to get into UX. During my initial overview of the subject, the more I knew, the more I knew I didn’t know.

I’ve also talked a little bit about the benefits of going the self-taught route and skipping expensive traditional educational routes when you’re first getting started.

The biggest benefits of being self-taught:

Think switching jobs will make you happy?

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I always feel like I’m just one job away from “finally being happy”. To be honest, it’s exhausting. I was tired of being caught in a perpetual cycle of all of my free-time going towards my next career move. So last year, I decided to stop focusing on my career for a while to see what else I could put that energy towards.

I gave myself permission to step away from work being a priority, and that decision has changed my life for the better. …

If you want to set yourself up for success, don’t get an apartment. Read this first.

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Our home nestled into a Yacht Marina at Fort Lauderdale Beach in Florida

What we worry about after college

In the spring of 2016 I graduated from college, and I was really only worried about 3 things:

I imagine many of you might not be that different. …

At a top company, I got paid better than my peers with Ph.D.’s

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Do you need more education?

I get asked all the time whether you need a Master’s degree to get a decent job in UX…

Spoiler alert: No you don’t. In fact, I only have my Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology & Sociology from the University of Florida (A public state University).

After 3 years in the field, my salary alone is almost 6 figures at this point.

For my first job, I started at Ultimate Software. In 2018 when I came on board we were named Fortune’s #3 Best Company to Work for. …

A city’s bizarre sigh of relief as Biden is voted in during a global pandemic

Tonight, a city celebrated in relief over what feels like a huge turning point in recent American history. We celebrated the beginning of what promises to be a healing phase in both our political and social spheres. What’s strange, is that we did all of this set against a bizarre backdrop of what has become the new normal in our post-pandemic reality.

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How will we heal? How will we keep ourselves from crumbling?

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A short story or poem about the emotions many of us are feeling during these stressful times. Take care of yourselves, my readers and friends.

It’s been days that we’ve been sitting on edge, since well before we cast our votes. We aren’t meant to sit in this amount of stress continuously, it eats away at us. Our sleep schedules have shifted since the first night we stayed up watching the results into the early morning, our days have been partially lost to the naps that have seemed unavoidable to our battered bodies. …

Everything you wanted to know about starting on Medium

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Created on Canva, original image by RetroSupply

October 2020

This is mainly a record for me to see growth and trends over time. That said, I hope that it might offer some transparency as I get started for others that might be interested as well!

A bit of background on me: I’m definitely not a professional writer, but I’ve done a few blog posts on things that interest me in the past. …

A housing solution built for the needs of our time

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Unsplash by Blake Wisz

Last year, we sold everything and moved into an RV so that we could travel more. I quickly realized that it solved far more than just the urge to travel.

RV living doesn’t have to be some quirky lifestyle or an Instagram trend. It’s actually a very viable solution to many of the systemic problems that our generation is facing today.

Issues it addresses

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East Stoudsburg, PA 2020

Swaying below branches
Silhouetted to sky,
Wondering how a single consciousness
has the concept of “I”.

The deep silence is comforting,
As I settle in.

Listening to sounds that otherwise fall silent,
Always in the background.

Frigid breeze rolls across my cheeks,
The winters of the past feel the same in my dreams.

As leaves fall and the cold settles in
It’s time to go back,
Back to being me.

Embracing a nomadic life so we can survive a changing world

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Photo by Michael Held on Unsplash

We’re patching a sinking ship…

A reality check

This isn’t only about California.

This is about us no longer wasting our valuable resources to continually rebuild areas & lifestyles that are doomed to be relegated to the past. It’s extremely expensive and we need to stop giving people a false sense of security. It won’t serve us well for very long.

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U.S. Fire administration

The hurricanes destroying our coastal states will keep setting records, droughts will get more long and intense, and the flooding will all get worse. At this point, we aren’t realistically going to change that.

And this is just the beginning.

We need to stop setting ourselves up to be run out of our homes, to lose everything, to possibly lose family members, just to come back and do it all over again. …

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