Breana Wallace
Top Writer | Digital Nomad & UX Designer | Creating my best life & helping others do the same.
A woman draws out flows on paper with coffee off to the right
Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

4 years ago I quit my job, learned how to code, built a design portfolio, and became a UX Designer at a top company. I tripled my income that year.

I didn't go back to school, I didn’t sign up for an expensive bootcamp. I was scrappy and figured out…

Man standing on a boat swinging his backpack out over the water
Photo: Oliver Sjöström/Unsplash

Quitting is having a moment right now.

It’s being called “The Great Resignation”. 4 million Americans have already left their jobs for more money, more flexibility, and more meaning.

Some of us are leaving with no return date.

Plenty of people would love to quit their jobs and take a…

Breana Wallace

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