Hey Thomas,

I enjoyed reading your article, thank you for writing it. I felt similar after closing my business while I was in college to focus on classes, and was even ashamed to tell people that I had a business afterwards because shutting it down seemed like such a failure.

I was thinking about ways that you could add value moving forward in the future since you mentioned that it was something that was hard for your manager to come to terms with.

I’m not sure what you were selling, but you could write a blog and keep it updated about the topic. So for example, if you were selling elephant necklaces, you could write about conservation efforts and pick an elephant every month to do a story on from a preserve or rescue. If you are selling clothing, you could write about changing fashions or new outfits to pair your piece with.

If you really felt like you needed to be making more of a contribution, you could also promote that a part of every sale goes to (for example from above): an elephant conservation fund, or a program that gives clothing to kids living in poverty. If you have an unrelated product to something that you care about, you could also always promote a cause you care about and put a portion of your sales towards a donation there with a post or posts about why it is so important to you.

Just a few ideas for if you ever decide to give it a go again and want to prioritize creating more value!

Designing my best life & helping others do the same | Digital Nomad | UX Designer & Innovator

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