My 4th Month on Medium — Full Stats Breakdown

Continual growth and a BIG hit — Timing your articles right.

January 2021

This is mainly a record for me to see growth and trends over time. That said, I hope that it might offer some transparency as I get started for others that might be interested as well!

A bit of background on me

I’m definitely not a professional writer, but I’ve done a few blog posts on things that interest me in the past. I also loved writing in school. I’m currently a UX Designer for a software company and I travel full-time in my RV while working remotely. I’ve been writing about design, personal finance, being a digital nomad and some of my past life experiences.

Focus of this month

I honestly didn’t publish much this month at all. The month before, I wrote a good amount and 2 of those articles ended up accepted into publications and released on January 1st. That said, it’s the month that I’ve made the most, and that was mostly due to a single article that I wrote. I’ll get into those details in a bit.

Check out the stats below.

All the stats

Places I wrote from: Orlando, FL. Ocala, FL

Follower count: 234 (+29)


  • Written this month: 1
  • Published this month: 3 (2 were written last month and were published this month)

Average articles per week: 1 the entire month

Minutes of content created: 7 (-88%)

Views: 1,837

Curated/Chosen for further distribution: 1/3 — (33%)

Picked up by publications: 2/3–66%

  • Submitted to a publication beforehand: 2/2
  • Asked by a publication for my article to be included after self-publishing: 0
  • Pitched to a publication after the article was already self-published & curated: 0

Financial breakdown

Earnings: $45.58(+79.3%)

About my top 5 earning stories

Last month, I saw that most of my top-earning articles were from the month before. This month, it’s a different story.

Some of my old articles are still making money, BUT I had my biggest hit this month, and it brought in a majority of what I earned.

Published this month: 2/5

Published a previous month: 3/5

Proud moment

This was the first time that I saw an article go crazy in terms of earnings. It made more money on its own than I have made in total for any other previous month.

In fact, it made more than the last 2 months of my writing combined….

If you want to check it out, you can read the article here:

Thoughts on this month

I’ve got a few ideas on what happened with this 1 story that I published and why it did so well.

  1. I submitted it to a growing publication and it was curated. That set it up for future growth.
  2. It was accidentally a timely topic. January is a time when people are setting new health goals for themselves and a “dry month” where people try to go without drinking alcohol. That happened to be right on topic for the article I had published.
  3. Based on the stats shown here, it looks like I was getting a spike in views for some reason on my other articles the day that this one was published. This may have led to more people being shown my work in general, which then allowed this article to take off.

My style

I focused on quality over quantity again this month. With this single article, there actually wasn’t a negative impact on my earnings.

What this tells me is that I should probably be purposely looking at trends to see if there is anything that I can time better on purpose in the future since it paid off so well this time.

Big picture changes

I started working on other things outside of Medium. I started mentoring more and putting out content on Facebook and Instagram. I’ve been starting to grow my idea of a travel brand for myself, and that’s taken time away from the writing that I do here.

Next month, I’m planning on seeing just how passive this Medium income is. I’ve heard others say it eventually becomes fairly passive, but I’m curious at what point that’s true. Let’s see what happens if I stop publishing so often and ride off of views from articles that I’ve already put the work into. Ideally, my earnings would remain somewhat constant.

Tools I’ve used

Nothing new here this month.

What I’ve learned & what’s changed

Look ahead to see if there are any upcoming trends that I can write about, or that fit the writing ideas that I already have so that I can schedule to publish them at the optimal time.

Content Strategy

Nothing new this month, but I have new things to think about moving forward.

Getting involved with the community

Nothing new here.

Any Big Medium changes? — People are jumping ship

Much the same as last month…

Many top writers have been saying that they have seen a drop in views and a substantial drop in income. Some have even started prioritizing writing elsewhere. Since this isn’t my full-time income, I haven’t made that jump, and in fact, I’m continuing to see income growth (no matter how small my current amount is).

For me, I’m currently planning on staying the course and building up great evergreen content that allows me to genuinely connect with people on here.

I’ll also be trying to get better with timing the publishing of my content.

Personal branding growth

I’ve been posting about my new articles on my Facebook and then sharing them on my personal page to make reposting about them a bit quicker.

It’s also increased the number of people that have liked my page through that strategy since the post now has a call to action to “like” the page as well. It’s still a small number, but it’s growing.

You can check out my new Travel/Blog page here if you’re interested:

Thanks for reading, and I hope that you found it helpful!

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