We’re all so sick from the election

How will we heal? How will we keep ourselves from crumbling?

A short story or poem about the emotions many of us are feeling during these stressful times. Take care of yourselves, my readers and friends.

It’s been days that we’ve been sitting on edge, since well before we cast our votes. We aren’t meant to sit in this amount of stress continuously, it eats away at us. Our sleep schedules have shifted since the first night we stayed up watching the results into the early morning, our days have been partially lost to the naps that have seemed unavoidable to our battered bodies. We have been lashing out at friends and family that dare to vote for the other side. While both sides worry that a dictator will grab power, that we’ll see civil unrest either way. That our country will fall into disarray.

Our content revolves around the election from the moment we wake, the news on youtube to memes created by kids. We watch the votes slowly pour in, we wait. We stand up for what we believe in on the platforms that will let our voices be heard, we stand proud and condemn those that do not agree. We cannot fathom their inhumanity.

When this is over, we may be more divided than ever, with all of the posts littered on our streams to remind us of who deserves our loyalities or our hate. Some say that we’re ripe for civil war, but it’s a lot harder to draw lines when they would be down the dinner table and across family trees.

The Holidays are here, and my guess is that they may not be any more pleasant than our recent hours glued to our screens. When we stand for everything, we agree on nothing. I do not see a way forward, how do we be civil when we believe that our rights will be stolen either way? How do we believe in a country that makes us this sick?

I hope that I’m wrong and that these feelings will fade. That we will learn to interact again, have any conversation at all where we’re on the same page. I’ve been told that what I’m saying is always said, but it feels like last year those wounds never healed. It feels like they are only getting deeper, and I do not know how we will keep them from festering.

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